-said Snape.
Me llamo Consuelo y soy de Iquique, Chile :).
Amo la música, leer, ver series y películas. Aquí encontrarás todas las estupideces que reblogueo jaja.Y bueno sígueme y te sigo de vuelta 1313...No te olvides de mandar un ask ;).

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I love the hugs♥
  • Mr. Schue: I always knew we would end up here. That you - you - would end up here.
  • Rachel: Yeah, apparently some dreams do come true.
  • Mr. Schue: Apparently.
  • Rachel: You know, I got him a seat today. I know it's weird, but he always made me promise that I would get him a ticket to my opening night on Broadway.
  • Mr. Schue: It's not weird, it's lovely.
  • Rachel: The only thing that scares me is getting through 'Who Are You Now,' the last song. I always think about him when I sing it, so if I can get through that, I'll be fine.
  • Mr. Schue: Well, you know where we're sitting. If you need a little boost, just zone in on us. Rach, it's okay. I am so proud of you, Rachel. Tonight is the best gift that a student could possibly give her teacher. You're making my dreams come true too.


blaine said “namaste.” you know who else says that?